Eonar Odyssey

The Next Generation of MMO Space Adventure

Node Runners Odyssey is a 2D real-time space exploration MMORPG that uniquely weaves blockchain and NFT technology into the gameplay to create a thriving simulated economy where players can earn tokens by progressing.

Set in the Eonar universe, a dark corner of space…

Choose your team and fight for the mining power! Stake NFTs, upgrade your mining power, overtake mining power of your enemies, win Ether & NDR.

Each game epoch lasts for 1 week. Team with the most hashes at the end of the Epoch wins all the fees collected from staking…

We started with MEME, then partnered up with Doki Doki Finance, now we have struck a deal with ETH-MEN!

A dedicated staking rewards pool has been created for ETH-MEN NFTs, with 2 NDR daily allocation. Below are the stakable NFTs with their corresponding share of the pool (strength points).


After a successful launch with MEME, we continue our journey on bringing more utility to NFT space. As you may know, we have partnered up with Doki Doki Finance and are now ready to welcome their NFTs into our staking world.

A dedicated staking rewards pool has been created for…

Thousands of NFT holders have idle collectibles which are not being used most of the time. With a successful launch of our NFT staking solution, we asked ourselves, what if every NFT asset could earn yield? That led us to the discovery of a new product — Drops.

Drops platform…

Eonar Odyssey

Eonar Odyssey is the most anticipated space exploration game of 2022. It’s a space P2E DeFi NFT game. Explore, mine, enjoy. #Eonar #Odyssey

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