Drops Announcement: Introducing $DROP + New $NDR Features

We are pleased to announce our release of the new $DROP utility token, which will be used to power the Drops NFT ecosystem.

$NDR holders — do not fear! The $NDR token will remain firmly in place as the governance token for the Drops platform, as well as become equipped with several new Drops-related benefits. This includes a 5% allocation of the $DROP supply to Node Runners DAO (with a 2 year vesting period), to support the DAOs growth.

All future products associated with Node Runners DAO will also allocate tokens or a share of revenue to the DAO.

What is the purpose of the $DROP token?

As the official utility token of the Drops ecosystem, $DROP will be accepted as the primary method of payment for buying and selling NFTs on the platform.

The $DROP token will also be used to pay users liquidity mining rewards and cashback rewards on Drops purchases. Users can stake these $DROP tokens to earn dPoints — non-transferrable coupons which are redeemable for the purchase of NFTs within the platform.

Finally, the $DROP token will be utilized in future functions and promotions on Drops, such as participation in NFT raffles.

What does this all mean for $NDR?

The launch of the Drops platform and the $DROP token has been carefully designed to add functionality to the $NDR token, rather than take anything away.

The $NDR token will remain as the governance token of the Drops platform. Through community voting, $NDR holders will collectively decide which NFTs should be added to the vaults and what their points allocations should be.

$NDR will also benefit from the Drops ecosystem in the following ways:

1. Being accepted as a form on payment on Drops platform

2. Receiving a share of Drops platform fees

3. Earn $DROP tokens by staking NDR-ETH, $NDR

4. Being able to farm exclusive artworks from Drops (via HASH).

All of the original $NDR token functions and uses will also remain valid, including NDR-ETH liquidity mining, rewards for users for staking NFTs, and all other game-related functions.

About Drops

Drops is a platform designed to connect digital collectors with creators, while adding more utility to the NFTs themselves. Drops will serve as a launchpad for new NFT artists and projects, while users can earn yield on their NFT assets by staking them for dPoints rewards.


To summarize the $DROP and $NDR token updates:

- $DROP is the new official utility token of the Drops platform

- $DROP will be used for buying and selling NFTs, distributing rewards and more

- $NDR will remain as the governance token for both Drops and Node Runners DAO

- $NDR will retain all original utility including liquidity mining, NFT staking rewards, and game functions

- $NDR will gain extra function from Drops, including collecting a share of platform fees, acceptance as payment for NFTs and earning staking rewards paid in $DROP.

Drops ecosystem updates on the way!

More details about the Drops platform are coming soon, so stay tuned!

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Eonar Odyssey is the most anticipated space exploration game of 2022. It’s a space P2E DeFi NFT game. Explore, mine, enjoy. #Eonar #Odyssey

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Eonar Odyssey

Eonar Odyssey

Eonar Odyssey is the most anticipated space exploration game of 2022. It’s a space P2E DeFi NFT game. Explore, mine, enjoy. #Eonar #Odyssey

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