Hash Wars — on-chain NFT game

Choose your team and fight for the mining power! Stake NFTs, upgrade your mining power, overtake mining power of your enemies, win Ether & NDR.

Each game epoch lasts for 1 week. Team with the most hashes at the end of the Epoch wins all the fees collected from staking and minting NFTs, 20% will be used to buyback NDR. Winning fees are distributed proportionally to the amount of Hashes the user holds, also winners receive additional winning NFT badges.

Each epoch user would stake their NFT and NDR to earn Hashes. Node Runners 1 Strength can yield up to 1 Hash per day, the conversion depends on the NDR utilisation rate.

NDR acts as a Hashes mining booster, the more NDR is staked within the team, the higher mining power it will have.

For 1 strength point to earn 1 hash per day, there should be 1 NDR staked in the team.

Hashes earning formula per day: Strength points * Team NDR utilisation ratio.

Example: team red total staked 500 Strength points and 250 NDR, it means that their utilization ratio is 50%, 250/500, team is earning 250 Hashes per day.

Each time someone stakes more NDR, utilisation ratio increases. NDR can be unstaked at the end of the epoch.

NDR utilization is set at global level, meaning that users staking NDR are increasing utilization for the whole team, not for themselves personally.

NFTs and NDR can be unstaked only at the end of the epoch.

There will be fees on staking and minting NFTs which will be distributed to the winning team.

To increase Hash yield, users can mint Epoch’s special NFTs. Minting fee for NFTs will vary depending on its rarity. For each Epoch we assign NFTs and they can be only minted when Epoch is active. After Epoch finishes, NFTs no longer can be minted.

There is minting fee for each NFT.

To mint NFTs user would need Hashes and Eth.
Example: NFT costs 1000 hashes and 0.1 eth to mint, user in his balance has 1500 hashes. Upon minting, the user’s balance decreases from 1500 to 500, global hashes balance decreases as well.

Losing team in the next game will start with a 10% Hash balance from the last time. Example, team blue lost with 10,000 Hashes balance. Next game they will start with 1000 Hashes.

Game is set to launch in May on Ethereum mainnet. Once the Polygon bridge is complete, it will be active on Polygon with minimal gas fees.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Node_Runners
Telegram channel: https://t.me/noderunners_channel



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