Eonar Odyssey

Node Runners is about challenging the status quo of centralised authority. As history has shown us, decentralisation is far more effective than a concentrated source of power. We believe that we’ve reached a point where our community can decide on the future of our DAO.

Node Runners Governance

Initially, our governance matters would be discussed on Discourse forum, with off-chain NDR voting on Snapshot. As our community will evolve, we will switch to Aragon consensus. Governance forum will be launched on December 21st along with NDR Improvement Proposals details. Our community will be able to vote on the matters of Fees, Emissions, Governance, Product development, NFTs and other topics.

NFT x DeFi

As we have embarked on our journey on building NFT based game, we have discovered that there is plenty of room for innovation in NFT x DeFi space. NFT as collateral, NFT swaps are just a few examples of what can be made. Our game development will continue as planned, but will also support new initiatives from our community that would benefit the entire NFT ecosystem.

Node Creators

We are calling out for developers and passionate community members to join Node Creators group. Anyone can become a Creator, there is no minimum requirement to participate. Whether it’s content creation, collaborations, or new product development you can find the support in our Node Creators group. Through the community voting process we will allocate resources from our treasury to support new initiatives that can benefit NDR stakeholders.

We aim to turn Node Runners into a thriving community with a shared feeling of ownership. Through an active governance participation we will be able evolve to an organisation that can make a difference. We tried to make our launch as fair as possible and we are grateful for our community members that have stuck with us. We will create more opportunities for community involvement and ensure that Node Runners DAO is fair, responsible and transparent. We’ve gotta beat the corporate autocracy after all.

Eonar Odyssey is the most anticipated space exploration game of 2022. It’s a space P2E DeFi NFT game. Explore, mine, enjoy. #Eonar #Odyssey