Set a Role-Based Avatar in Eonar’s Discord Server: Step by Step Guide

Want a unique avatar for every server you log onto? Well, now you can with your Nitro perk: Server Avatars!

Get an exclusive look and feel that matches your character in-game, whether you choose to be a Gaardmen, Afolk, or Rafilian on your Eonar Odyssey voyage!

This means you can sport your faction’s colors and emblems with pride! Personally, I fight for the Afolk, and I’m going to be sporting a sweet set of red-and-black armor (don’t worry — I come in peace for this article).

This step-by-step guide will take you through the process of setting a role-based avatar that can be used in Eonar’s Discord server. Let’s jump in!


Server avatars have been a long-awaited addition to the Nitro service! With this new feature, you can set an avatar for each different server that your character is present on. What better way to show off your unique in-game persona to the world?

Note: Even if you upload a server avatar, your profile avatar will be unaffected and remain as your primary avatar in servers where you don’t upload server avatars.

Like profile avatars, PNG and JPG are the supported file types and Nitro users can upload a GIF for their server avatars. You may crop and center PNG, JPG, and GIF files after uploading your server avatar… phew!


Alright… get on with it!

Okay, let’s quickly go over how to create a server avatar, so you can get back to mining Eonar Odyssey’s valuable resources and growing your stash.

First, make sure that the Nitro subscription is enabled (for those of you who do not have a Nitro account, we recommend getting it for its awesome perks and features).

There are two easy ways to upload a server avatar (choose your favorite):


In the browser or desktop app, you can right-click on your avatar in the Member List of the server, which is the right sidebar, and then activate the drop-down menu.

Press on the Edit Server Profile option and an in-app pop-up window will appear. You can then press on your avatar to upload your server avatar.

Press the Save button to confirm your server avatar!


Alternatively, you can left-click on your avatar in the Member List, in a text channel, or in a voice channel to make the mini profile pop-up appear. You’ll then see the option to Edit Server Profile, which should be clicked on to make the in-app pop-up window appear for you to change your avatar.

Before you race off to show the Eonar Odyssey your new avatar, don’t forget to press the Save button to confirm your avatar change.


The beauty of server avatars is that they aren’t permanent.

In fact, you have full control… and that’s what DeFi is all about!

If you made a mistake with your server avatar or if you would like to revert back to your profile avatar, you can navigate to the in-app pop-up window following either of the two methods above and then pressing on Reset to Primary Avatar.


For those of you who are always on the go, you can also change your server avatar via the iOS or Android clients. You can do so via User Profile or the Server Profile.

  1. Through the User Profile: In the server you want to apply a Server Avatar, press on your user avatar — either in one of the channels you’ve messaged in or in the server’s member list
  2. Through the Server Profile: Press on the ellipses by the name of the server you want to add a Server Avatar to
  3. Select the Edit Server Profile button
  4. Press on your current Server Avatar and choose Change Avatar/Change Server Avatar to start the process of selecting a new image from your mobile device’s photo gallery
  5. This is also where you can choose to remove your Server Avatar by pressing on the Reset to Primary Avatar instead
  6. Don’t forget to Save!


Q: What happened to server nicknames?

A: Server nicknames still exist and are free to all Discord users! To change your server nickname, you can follow the same steps to change your server avatar, but instead input/change your server nickname in the in-app pop-up window.

You can learn more about server nicknames in this article!

Q: Do I get custom server avatars with Nitro Classic?

A: Nitro Classic users can still set server nicknames; however only Nitro users will be able to set custom server avatars.

You can learn more about Nitro and Nitro Classic in this article!

Q: What are the size limits and accepted file types for server avatars?

A: Accepted file types for server avatars are JPG, PNG, and GIF files. The maximum file size is 8 MB.

Q: Can I edit avatars after I upload them?

A: You can crop and center PNG, JPG, and GIF files

Q: Is there a limit to the number of custom server avatars I can have?

A: No, but there is a limit to the number of servers you can join. Nitro users can join up to 200 servers.

Q: Can I have more than 1 avatar in a server?

A: At this time, you may only set 1 custom avatar per server.

Q: Can I reset all my server avatars at once?

Unfortunately, there is no bulk editing option at this time. You will need to manually reset your avatar in each server.

Q: Will I get in trouble for using an inappropriate image as a server avatar?

As is true for all content that you use on Discord, you are responsible for ensuring that any content you use for server avatars complies with the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

Q: Are server owners or admins able to change another server member’s avatar like how they can change nicknames?

No, server owners and/or admins do not have the ability to change a server member’s server avatar or reset it to their primary avatar. If you notice someone using a server avatar that violates the Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, please use the report form to report the user to the Trust and Safety team.




Eonar Odyssey is the most anticipated space exploration game of 2022. It’s a space P2E DeFi NFT game. Explore, mine, enjoy. #Eonar #Odyssey

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Eonar Odyssey

Eonar Odyssey

Eonar Odyssey is the most anticipated space exploration game of 2022. It’s a space P2E DeFi NFT game. Explore, mine, enjoy. #Eonar #Odyssey

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