Stake MEME NFT to earn NDR

The beginning of 2021 has been great so far — we have upgraded our NFT staking contracts with new features, got listed on AEX exchange, and made our NFTs more liquid by integrating NFT20 protocol.

We want to continue our journey on bringing more utility to NFT space.
With our upgraded NFT staking contract, users from other project will be able to stake NFT to earn NDR. This solution is first of its kind and we are very pleased to launch it with MEME Ltd.

Staking MEME NFT

A dedicated staking rewards pool has been created for MEME NFTs, with 5 NDR daily allocation.
Below are the stakable NFTs with their corresponding share of the pool (strength points).

To stake NFT visit

As you can see, each card, depending on its rarity level, has its Strength Points, which act as staking units — the more Strength Points you stake, the bigger share of the pool you have.


One rule to remember — you can stake as many cards as you want, but each card has to be unique.

So, if you hold any of the above listed MEME NFTs, you should put them to work — stake them on our platform and earn daily rewards in our native NDR token! 🍍

If you want to find out more about our project, please follow the links below:

Uniswap: link