Eonar Odyssey

Updated Node Runners Roadmap

Last couple of weeks have gone with a breeze!

We’ve launched our cards store, where each NFT sale involves an automated NDR buyback feature. Thanks to that, we have accumulated around 35 NDR/ ETH LP Tokens, which have been successfully locked in the liquidity pool forever.

We’ve also launched long-awaited NFTs staking, with over 150 cards having been already minted and staked. It is worth mentioning that 3 out 5 issued Hero NFTs were spotted and appreciated by Stani Kulechov (CEO of Aave), Hayden Adams (CEO of Uniswap), and one of Curve developers Charlie — each of them left a nice comment on our card-tweets. Fair to say that our cards are doing well!

There are a lot more Heroes in crypto space that we would like to pay our tribute to. This is just the beginning of our journey.

During the past month we have been heavily focused on creating a solid ground under the project’s feet, as well as building a strong and loyal community. We believe that we have successfully completed both tasks and it is now time to lift the project off the ground and introduce it to a wider audience.

In the upcoming months we will be focusing on improving our product in terms of user-friendliness, usability, and scalability. We will also focus heavily on reaching out to similar projects with the aim of signing strategic partnerships, which would put us in front of a wider audience of both NFT lovers and crypto enthusiasts. At the same time we will continue our efforts in the space of marketing, as we want to build an even bigger and stronger community of Node Runners!

Below is our updated Roadmap, please have a read and ask us any questions you might have in our Telegram or Discord channels.

During the upcoming week we are planning to fix all the minor glitches and bugs related to farming and staking NFTs, as well as enable it on your mobile devices. Also, having collected our community’s feedback, we are going to improve our store’s navigation, so that it is more convenient to browse through cards. Additionally, we will add such features as ‘Hashes per day’, ‘Total Value Locked’, and ‘Value of 1 LP Token’ to our website, making it even more informative for our users.

Liquidity is one of the key factors, which attracts masses to any project, as it ensures price stability and protects long-term holders. Therefore, one of our key goals going forward is to gradually add new sources of liquidity. So far, we have 3 of them:

  • Staked liquidity by the users to farm NFTs
  • 2% fee to unstake LP Tokens
  • 90% of funds received from card sales are used for buybacks and permanent liquidity lock

In the upcoming week, we are going to introduce one more automated liquidity source, which is a modified version of SAV3 contract. As you know, right now every NDR transaction has a 2% fee, which is used for staking rewards. However, we have now decided to route this 2% fee towards our new automated liquidity contract. This contract will collect the fees in NDR, then it will exchange 50% of the received NDR into ETH up to 4 times per day , and will lock this ETH together with the remaining NDR in the liquidity pool indefinitely.

If this strategy turns out to be ineffective, we will route this 2% fee back to staking rewards pool.

We feel that in order to introduce the NFT staking concept to a wider audience, it would be a wise idea to collaborate with and unite other projects within NFT space. Therefore, we have decided to upgrade our NFT staking contract to make it compatible with our potential partners’ NFTs, which would increase our NFTs sales, as well as provide our partners with the utility for their NFTs.

The way it would work is — if the user is staking at least 1 Node Runners NFT on our platform, he also gets the chance to stake a Bonus card, which can be either our partners’ NFT or Node Runners special NFT, such as the ‘Badge of Honor’ for example. This Bonus card would give users a certain amount of bonus strength points, and therefore would increase his/her share in the pool.

In addition to Bonus cards, we want to enable users to stake their NDR/ETH LP Tokens next to their cards, which would be converted into bonus strength points too. We will also be open to adding LP Tokens from our partners.

We realize that high gas fees can become a real burden and can ruin gaming experience. Therefore we are now exploring layer 2 scaling solutions, which would turn all transactions within our platform free of gas fees.

If we were to implement a L2 solution, users would still remain on the Ethereum mainnet, with no additional actions required. The only part, which would be different is that instead of confirming and paying gas for the transactions, users would only need to ‘sign’ them, and proceed with 0 gas spent. Transactions would be relayed by the 2nd layer scaling network and executed on Ethereum.

This can really be a turning point in the game’s development, therefore we are planning to build a prototype first, and if testing is successful, we will apply it to the rest of our platform.

In order for you to have the best gaming experience, we have decided to upgrade our Villain fighting smart contract to support L2 scaling network, once it is successfully tested. This will make battles with Villains cheaper, more dynamic and accessible to a wider audience.

We have a very prosperous road ahead of us comrades. Join us and become the Node Runner in the battle for the decentralized tomorrow

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Eonar Odyssey is the most anticipated space exploration game of 2022. It’s a space P2E DeFi NFT game. Explore, mine, enjoy. #Eonar #Odyssey