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Eonar Odyssey
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The Next Generation of MMO Space Adventure

Node Runners Odyssey is a 2D real-time space exploration MMORPG that uniquely weaves blockchain and NFT technology into the gameplay to create a thriving simulated economy where players can earn tokens by progressing.

Set in the Eonar universe, a dark corner of space where entire sections of star systems have died out, spurring fierce competition between galactic factions over dwindling resources.

Players can choose whether they want to face the harsh environment of Eonar alone or pair up with others to form intergalactic factions. To survive, players must push for dominance by fighting for territory, gathering resources, and upgrading their crew, weapons, and spaceships.

Take Part In A Unique Crypto Economy

Players can earn both fictional resources and real cryptocurrency to fuel their campaigns for dominance across Eonar. Visiting planets powered by DeFi apps and completing a range of actions from lending tokens to mining for resources are just a few ways to build wealth.

Choose Your Allegiance

Players can choose from 3 races, The Gaardmen, The Eeorks, or The Tyl Consortium. Who they choose will determine their role and abilities.

The Afolk are a race of deviously intelligent humanoids with grayish skin, prominent canine teeth and large horned protuberances that stretch out the back of their heads. They share an aptitude for complicated politics, double-crossing, stealth, and unimpeachable etiquette — skills they learned over the course of centuries working in the world’s most distinguished councils and government courts. Because of their heightened hearing and smelling senses, they’re also very good at espionage. An old human saying about the Afolk says that you can always count on them to do the right thing — right after they’ve tried everything else.

The Gaardmen are arguably the most successful human variant in the universe, and certainly the most numerous. They have modified their genetic structure (which they call zenith genotype) to better accommodate their powerful cybernetic augmentations. Always reaching for more with a burning ambition, the gaardmen humans have created one of the most impressive superpowers the universe has ever seen — the Old Gaard Republic. Citizens of the republic are often very proud of their roots and unaware of how much the rest of the races despise them because of their imperialist tendencies.

The Rafilians are a fur-less, feline-like species of humanoids. They are physically very slim and not too strong, and they also measure less than the average sentient race — which essentially makes them the weakest in terms of brute strength. They have a practical mind that shimmers with intelligence, but they will very quickly be out of their depth when discussing somewhat abstract matters such as philosophy, politics, or even economics. They are some of the best machine-makers in the universe, as their engineers have devised many of the contraptions and implements that are considered essential for mining, flying, and fighting in the great expanse of open space.

Custom Avatars are welcome in NRO, with players free to import their favorite NFT avatars from other universes. These avatars will be trainable and usable, just like genesis avatars.

Build A Crew & Travel Eonar.

Players can make names for themselves by purchasing and customizing spaceships, trading them on the open NFT market, and building a crew of NFT avatars ready to man vessels & die for a cause.

Gain Power By Exploring & Conquering.

In Eonar, the secret to victory is staying in motion. Power is gained by exploring the universe, finding new planets, and plundering their resources. To do so, players must strategically plan trips, manage resources & inventory limits, and prepare for enemy resistance.

Fight For Resources & Territory.

In a universe where resources are in short supply, players clash day and night over trade routes and planetary control. As in nature, the spoils of war go to those who are the strongest and smartest.

Earn An Advantage With Powerful Upgrades.

Wiping out other factions and taking control of Eonar isn’t easy or cheap. To make their grand vision a reality, players will need to stay one step ahead of others by using the resources they’ve amassed to upgrade their spaceships & crew.

Build Factions To Shortcut Your Progress.

Surviving the hellish landscape of Eonar alone is rare. By working together, players can amass resources faster and better defend their territories. Whether joining an existing faction or creating a new one, players can show their colors by branding their spaceships with a faction NFT.

Uncover The Mysteries of Eonar.

Explore the Eonar universe and uncover its vast array of planets and diverse civilizations, including the humanoid Eerok Race, the last remnants of human civilization named The Gaardmen, and the rag-tag criminal syndicates that make up The Tyl Consortium. Each with gripping backstories, unique roles, and incredible riches ready for the taking.

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Eonar Odyssey

Eonar Odyssey is the most anticipated space exploration game of 2022. It’s a space P2E DeFi NFT game. Explore, mine, enjoy. #Eonar #Odyssey